Contacting Us BY EMAIL

We really do personally answer every legitimate* question, normally, but not always, within 24 hours. Do not expect an immediate reply as answering email is secondary to producing products and often gets done at very odd hours of the day. We are also very willing to answer generic questions about sheepskin or shearling even though it may not involve one of our products. If you contact us and do not get a response within a few days it is most likely  our reply was bounced or swallowed by "spam" controls.
Please be sure to check your SPAM box before you decide we did not answer you. We are serious here. There appears to be a conspiracy afoot to make us look like the rest of the slack offs. This is especially true of any Microsoft email network, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN.Wink

If you still don't see a reply then try again as we are only human and it is always possible we will miss something.
*Legitimate messages do not include purchase inquiries from Nigeria or Indonesia, attempts to get us to harbor funds your relative stole from the Nigerian government, and almost all attempts at selling us something, especially finished products from China no matter how cheap they are.
Legitimate messages do include folks who have an honest question about shearling (sheepskin) and are sick of not getting answers from anyone else even if you aren't looking to purchase from us.
We will do our best to answer your questions.

If you are going to ask questions about ordering etc. you will find the basic details starting here.


Click Here To Contact Us
If you need to send an attachment, you may do so after we reply to your request.

If you wish to place an order and pay by check and you know your specifics, put all necessary info in the email, including your name/address/phone, product(s) desired, sizes etc. We will type up the order and send you the total for your check. It is that easy.

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