Women's Short Cuffed Slippers

Women's Short Cuffed Slippers



    ~ Everything is made to order

    ~ Women's Size 5 - 11.5

               * Or you can send us a tracing of your foot for a custom pair

    ~ All of our slippers are hand made with 100% shearling uppers and soles.

    ~ Comes with standard shearling sole

          * We are able to resole the bottom of these when they get worn out!

    ~ Available with crepe sole for $80

    ~ Height - Floor to top of cuff, approx 4 inches

    ~ Has a short trim piece around the top of the slipper which provides a snug fit on the foot.

    ~ Note that wool coloration will vary from skin to skin so this is only representative of what the actual color may be.

    ~ During our busy season (September to March) we require up 4 weeks to fill orders.

           *Sometimes less or more in special cases (Small orders vs. Large orders)


    Due to the value of the material we work with and how we make our products (by hand, with a sewing machine), we do not offer refunds.

    However, we do offer exchanges, of equal or lesser value, if you are unhappy with what you recieved. Provided the item(s) have not been damaged in any way.



    Order Total                S&H

    $35 and Under        $8.00

    $36 - $71                    $14.00

    $72 and Up               $16.00



    Shipping charges for countries outside the US are quoted on an individual basis and cannot be quoted instantly. It usually takes between 24 to 48 hours to give a firm cost.